The Hidden Threat of Cybercriminals

Some criminals attempt to”justify” their thieving propensities by suggesting they don’t take large valued merchandise, or they take action to”test” the other’s cyber system. The inference of course is that they are somehow benign. Criminals typically attempt to ruse their law enforcement detractors, or any other individual who questions what they do. They rationalize their thefts are non-violent and confined to smaller quantities of dollar losses, for that the things are easily replaced. Their matter-of-fact justifications do not warrant the unlawful taking of someone else’s private or company property. They’re still criminals none the less and also a breach of security means a contravention of the criminal laws.

For the net hoodlum working in cyber space, their thinking plays an interesting con game, they later rationalize and excuse because some”noble cause”. Bottom-line however, they are criminals like their non-virtual counterparts. When captured, they invent all kinds of excuses and complain in their”victimization”. One wonders, when they sit there all day in front of the computers, what part of the anatomy are they really playing with most of the time? Some of these burglars try to plot us with creative criminality, like”ransomware”, email schemes, credit card scams and other significant losses. The list of forms of strikes is endless, as is the maliciousness behind the various illicit efforts for unmerited private gain. Criminals wherever they operate do so in a self-indulgent passion to abuse and abuse other people for personal purposes.

As always, one of our crucial concerns is that the harm, the loss and damages, caused by others as a result of internet criminality. Make no mistake, criminals decide to commit crimes of their own free will for the sake of getting something they did not deserve or earn. Make no mistake criminals dislike the responsible nature in others. Electronic breaches of the legislation are not unlike similar malevolent premeditated street-level offenses, but when it comes the psycho-dynamics. Some cyber criminals pose a threat to our banks balances, but others risk the collapse of our economic strategy. And still others endanger our national security. In the amative stimulation for control and power, criminals will use any means. Like bank robbers or assailants around the road, cyber villains should receive the same levels of punishment. And, their conviction and subsequent sentencing ought to be sure, swift and certain and for long intervals.

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