Using a Macuahuitl for Home Defense

Home defense and security are not to be taken lightly, especially if you have children. Millions of lives are affected by home invasions, leaving families scarred for life, or worse.

There are a number of things you can do to help secure your home. A good alarm system and a dog come to mind. The barking dog and the alarm sign are enough to discourage most would-be home invaders to move on to a less-secured home. Being aware (locking your door and not displaying to the entire neighborhood that you just bought an 80 inch HDTV) will also do quite a bit to lower your exposure.

Weapon choices – Macuahuitl

Beyond this, what are you options? A gun is a common choice. If you choose to go this route be sure to become educated on proper use, safety and storage. But what about other weapons? One seemingly-unlikely solution is a Macuahuitl.

This unique weapon is made mostly of wood and is serrated with obsidian blades. Aztec warriors would use this to slash and maim combatants, and haul them back to their temples as a sacrifice. And while I don’t suggest using a Macuahuitl to drag a maimed combatant to be scarified to Aztec gods, the fact that the weapon is suited to maim instead of kill is important.

This combination allows you to use the weapon to stop an intruder and render them harmless, without actually killing them. This is especially important in today’s lawsuit happy society where people defending their home may find themselves on the receiving end of a wrongful death lawsuit.

If you go this route, make sure you practice properly swinging the weapon, as it is not weighted the way most swords are. So, if you must defend your home, the Eagle Knight method might make sense!