Camouflage face masks

COIVID-19 has changed many of our lives. Forgetting for a moment, my disapproval with the manner in which our government has dealth with this situation, I’m not going to waste energy complaining. I believe in doing what I can as a citizen.

Having said that, I began browing around for camouflage face masks. Alas, I am currently outside of the country, and I can’t shop on my usual online stores, since they aren’t shipping these internationally. So in response, I searched and stumbled upon a place where, not only can you order camo face masks, you can also upload your own mask petter.

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Camouflage Seat Covers – Tactical Driving

Camouflage patterned seat covers are popular in the automotive market these days. This new trend is a natural progression of what had become popular for fashion and accessories, which originated in the military world. Let’s take a look at the camo seat trend.

The History of Camouflage

Camouflage had its beginnings in the mid-1700s in the form of drab colors for military rifle units. Visual deception didn’t become an essential part of modern military tactics until World War I.

Since then, many camouflage patterns in various greens and browns were made for military use over the years to help military forces all over the world fully blend in with the surroundings.

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