The Best Tactical Flashlights on 2020

For high-intensity work environments search and rescue missions and off-trail adventures bring along the anova t11 are rechargeable tactical LED flashlights brighter than your car’s high beam headlights combined at 5800 lumens the t11 AR can project a beam over a quarter mile machine from aerospace grade aluminum this light is shockproof crush proof and waterproof the mid-body switch allows you to activate five different modes high-low SOS strobe and a variable dim and these four LEDs let you know how much power you have left before using the flashlight for the first time you will need to remove the head and turn this switch to led click the button full lead to turn the light on and variable mode give the button a half press and hold to adjust the brightness the light will blink at its low and high points release the button to select the desired brightness settings from variable mode give the button another half press to enter the 200 lumen low mode when you turn the light off it will remember the last brightness setting when you turn it back on one more half press from low mode activates SOS mode to activate momentary strobe mode give the switch to rapid half presses the light will strobe while you keep the button pressed and turn off when you let go for constant strobe give the switch a half press quickly followed by a full press the lithium-ion battery pack will power this light on high for five hours or low for 110 hours and if you need to recharge another device you can unscrew the head of the flashlight and use the base as a power bank simply flip this switch to USB and plug in your device you can also slide this switch to off and rest assured that the flashlight won’t accidentally turn on while in transit included with the t11 R is a durable carry case that includes MOLLE compatible attachment straps inside the case is a wall adapter to charge the power bank a 20 inch charging cord a DC adapter an S beaner for clipping your flashlight anywhere you need and endcaps to protect the flashlights and power bank components while in transit obliterate darkness no matter the terrain with a high-powered anova t11 our tactical flashlight from nite ize the Phoenix LD 30 is an extremely powerful compact flashlight that can blast 1600 lumens 224 yards at only 4.3 inches long it’s the perfect everyday carry size and with its two way body clip you can carry the light as you want quickly activate the light with its tactical tail switch and then cycle through seven lighting modes with the side switch including strobe and SOS the LD 30 can be powered by either an 18-6 50 battery or two cr123a s the battery level indicator quickly tells you the battery status ip68 rated dustproof and waterproof this new led design creates a wide-angle beam that opens up the shadows making it the best choice for task lighting for an added level of versatility wide-angle plus gives you the best of both worlds it combines the broad up-close illumination of wide-angle technology with the addition of an ultra bright LED spotlight but lets you reach out and light up far-off objects [Music] now’s your chance to step into the light get your hands on browning wide-angle technology and see what you’re missing wide-angle technology from Browning is the best there is the PD 36 R is a high performance flashlight that utilizes the new 21700 battery type with 5,000 milliamp hours of capacity this amazing battery helps this light through 1600 lumens over 300 yards but more importantly it doubles the runtimes allowing you to explore or work long into the night the tactical tail switch operates on/off and momentary on the side switch cycles through five brightness levels plus strobe USB type-c charging allows you to quickly recharge your light the built-in battery level indicator allows you to always know your battery status two-way body clip let you carry the PD 36ar like you want not too big not too small it’s a great all-purpose sized ip68 rated waterproof and dustproof.

Camouflage face masks

COIVID-19 has changed many of our lives. Forgetting for a moment, my disapproval with the manner in which our government has dealth with this situation, I’m not going to waste energy complaining. I believe in doing what I can as a citizen.

Having said that, I began browing around for camouflage face masks. Alas, I am currently outside of the country, and I can’t shop on my usual online stores, since they aren’t shipping these internationally. So in response, I searched and stumbled upon a place where, not only can you order camo face masks, you can also upload your own mask petter.

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Home Security Alarms in Irvine, CA

All about Irvine, CA

Orange County

Irvine is a city in California that is known as a master planned city. Careful consideration was taken to develop what was previously uncultivated land in this part of California. The city in Orange County that would become Irvine has become a city that is filled with a lot of different elements.

This master plan city is divided into a plethora of different villages. That may be one of the things that separates it from a lot of cities throughout the United States. It is one that has a number of different communities that make up the different parts of Irvine. There are neighborhoods like Eastwood Village and Cypress Village where homes, on average, range from 800,000 to 1 million dollars.

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Camouflage Seat Covers – Tactical Driving

Camouflage patterned seat covers are popular in the automotive market these days. This new trend is a natural progression of what had become popular for fashion and accessories, which originated in the military world. Let’s take a look at the camo seat trend.

The History of Camouflage

Camouflage had its beginnings in the mid-1700s in the form of drab colors for military rifle units. Visual deception didn’t become an essential part of modern military tactics until World War I.

Since then, many camouflage patterns in various greens and browns were made for military use over the years to help military forces all over the world fully blend in with the surroundings.

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The Importance of a Home Alarm

Imagine if with no warning somebody breaks in, steals your possessions and even injures your loved ones? Home Alarm Systems will be the replies to such potential undesirable occurrence. Questions: what shirts the Home Alarm System advantages?

1. Safety from undesirable break-in

One crucial element of using an alarm system within the home is those decals and small hints on homes currently equipped with one. More frequently than not, these signals have a psychological impact on possible home invaders that might help you you ward off them even once you’ve forgotten to turn the machine on.

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Using a Macuahuitl for Home Defense

Home defense and security are not to be taken lightly, especially if you have children. Millions of lives are affected by home invasions, leaving families scarred for life, or worse.

There are a number of things you can do to help secure your home. A good alarm system and a dog come to mind. The barking dog and the alarm sign are enough to discourage most would-be home invaders to move on to a less-secured home. Being aware (locking your door and not displaying to the entire neighborhood that you just bought an 80 inch HDTV) will also do quite a bit to lower your exposure.

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