Asuka 10.25 inch Samurai Tanto Review

Having purchased the Asuka 10.25 inch Samurai Tanto I can happily say I am happy with my purchase. For the price, the steel is of good quality and the tanto is impressive. The sheath is sleek, modern, and minimalistic. It has a very clean and slick look and feel. It has a very ‘black marble feel to it.

I’ve mostly used this as an aesthetic piece but I’ve also used it around the house to cut vegetables, fruit, and even rope for a heavy bag. But for the most part, it sits on my desk looking pretty.

The overall length is over 10 inches. with the blade encompassing 5.5 inches. The blade is full tang 3CR13 steel.

This is a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys collecting knives or is a fan of feudal-era Japanese history, culture, or lore.