Camouflage Seat Covers – Tactical Driving

Camouflage patterned seat covers are popular in the automotive market these days. This new trend is a natural progression of what had become popular for fashion and accessories, which originated in the military world. Let’s take a look at the camo seat trend.

The History of Camouflage

Camouflage had its beginnings in the mid-1700s in the form of drab colors for military rifle units. Visual deception didn’t become an essential part of modern military tactics until World War I.

Since then, many camouflage patterns in various greens and browns were made for military use over the years to help military forces all over the world fully blend in with the surroundings.

Camouflage military clothing made its way into stores that sold it to the general public. Then mainstream fashion got ahold of it and made American military camouflage patterns wildly popular on all kinds of clothing and other items. Made to stand out rather than to blend into the background, camo patterned fashion garments have even been made in colors such as pink.

Now vehicle seat covers are available with various camouflage patterns and colors.

The Two Types of Camouflage Design – Military and Hunter

Camouflage for military purposes are made of green and brown and have various irregular patterns to blend in with the surroundings. Military style camo became available for seat covers for the general public. With this move, grey camo entered the picture so as to better match black and grey vehicle interiors.

Military style camo patterns are popular among first responders, law enforcement, military men, and among young men who dream of being in the military or law enforcement.

The second kind of camo design is for hunters. Hunters opt for camo designs that remind them of duck blinds. They also like camo patterns in inferno orange.

The Materials of the Camouflage Seat Covers that are Available

Camo covers made for light use commonly come in soft plush neoprene material. Covers made for heavy use come in ballistic and other tough materials.

Seat Cover Purposes

Camo patterns lend themselves to anything that is military-related. Naturally, some camo seat covers are made for tactical purposes.

Tactical seat covers are heavily outfitted for use by first responders, law enforcement, weekend warriors, military special ops and others. They’re made for front-row truck seats with places to put guns, ammunition, gear and other things.

More discreet versions of tactical-purpose covers made in tough ballistic fabric are available as well.